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eCig & Vape Credit Card Processing

Why We Proudly Serve eCig and Vape Merchants (Even If Most Processors Don’t):

Most credit card processors do not accept electronic cigarette and vape merchants, for two reasons: First, e-cig related products are age restricted and regulated by the federal government. That means that they require extra underwriting knowledge and procedures by the credit card processor, which many processors are not prepared to offer. Second, eCig and vape products have become a “political” issue, and many sponsor banks and their credit card processors have decided that the political costs to their business outweigh the benefits, and therefore refuse to offer merchant services to legitimate and well run eCig and vape related businesses.

By contrast, Pura Payments has proudly accepted eCig and vape related businesses since it’s inception. Our extensive relationships with credit card processors and sponsor banks who are able to underwrite regulated industries, positions us to provide affordable stable merchant accounts to vape and eCig industry businesses; without the terminations or payout freezes that have affected eCig merchants with other companies.

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