Tips To Improve Customer Experience And Make It Unforgettable

All businesses will be scrambling to improve customer experience this year. This is to be expected since a lot of surveys, trends, and statistics seem to point to the fact that experience is everything.

In the past, businesses focused on products, campaigns, and brand awareness. This got customers interested, and brought an increase in business transactions. When there is an increase in transactions, that usually results in an increase in profitability.

Lately, customer experience has started to push itself into the limelight. If you think that this is not necessary for making the business more profitable, you are mistaken. According to a survey, 6 out of 10 consumers admitted that improved customer service will encourage them to increase spending.

This alone should encourage businesses to focus on how they can improve customer experience. If it can make your sales grow, it is worth the investment.

Simple tips that will improve customer experience

How can you make improvements in this aspect of your business? According to one article, customer experience transformations can take years and could even cost millions. If this is true, how can you expect to stay competitive if you have a small business?

Admittedly, there are moments when you need to invest in huge changes in your business. For instance, rolling out a new payment processing system across hundreds of stores will take time and cost a lot of money. You have to train people and make sure it is integrated into the business process without disrupting the daily business cycle.

While this will obviously cost the business a lot, the returns will be massive too.

That is not the only way you can improve customer experience. There are simple changes that you can implement and it can do wonders to your customer satisfaction rate. Here are some of them.

Tap into their emotions

If you want the customer experience to be unforgettable, you have to tap into their emotions. How can you do that? Well, creating a personalized experience is a great place to start. According to one survey, 5 out of 10 companies planned to invest in personalization in 2019. This is an affirmation that personalizing the customer experience holds a lot of promise – at least if companies are willing to invest in it. When you make it personalized, you are opening an emotional connection with customers because its as if you are telling them that you understand their needs. If you cater to specific needs that are beyond your usual service, that will leave an even greater impact on them.

Give importance to every issue

You do not need to bend over backwards or spend millions to improve customer experience. Small things like sincerity, personalization, and patience can go a long way. Even if a client has issues with the company, if you resolve it with efficiency, sincerity, and professionalism, there is a greater chance of you leaving a positive impression. They will remember how customer support gave their undivided attention to make the issue as painless as possible.

There are customers who know that all types of business are bound to make a mistake. What they need is the assurance that you can step up in case your business encounters negative issues. They also need to know that they can ask for help easily and they will be given attention. According to reports, 9 out of 10 customers prefer to use live chat support because it is quick and convenient. Make sure you have this option to make the process easier for your clients. Pay attention to what your specific clientele prefer.

Get feedback and pay attention to what they say

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple question to know how to improve customer experience. Ask them how they want you to improve your customer service and listen to what they have to say. Make sure you get and analyze the feedback that you get in real-time. You want to find a balance between what they want and what your resources can provide.

Create unique experiences

You might want to have a specific customer service that your clients can associate with your brand. This is an effective way to make the customer experience unforgettable. It can be anything that will promote your brand image. It can be a catchphrase that will make them remember your brand, or it can be any everyday concept that will remind them of your company. As long as it is unique, you do not have to spend much to improve customer experience.

Make your payment processing system customer-friendly

While the improvement of your customer’s experience should come from different areas in your business, there is one that you might want to prioritize. This is the payment processing system. You want to make sure that it is not just updated, it should also be customer-friendly.

According to one report, the integration of real-time-payment infrastructure is the foundation for enhancing the experience of customers. In fact, 8 out of 10 banks reveal that they expect or experience improvements in customer service because of this payment infrastructure.

If you are unsure of how to improve customer experience, this is a good place to start. Here are some tips on how you can change your payment processor to cater to a more satisfied clientele.

  • Make sure it is easy. It does not matter if your payment processing system is sophisticated or the most technologically advanced version in the market. If it is not easy to use, it will not impress your customers.
  • Keep the process simple. To help make the payment processing system easy, you need to keep it simple. As much as possible, the checkout process should be done by 3 to 4 steps at the most.
  • Aim for flexibility. This means being able to accept multiple payment methods like mobile, credit cards, etc. It should be able to provide options so it becomes convenient for your customers.

There are many ways to improve your payment processing system so you can improve customer experience. Just remember to find the balance between your resources and what you can give your customers. While the customer’s comfort is important, you do not want to exhaust your resources trying to meet unrealistic demands.


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