Balancing the business side of physician practices with patient care is daunting, and today’s healthcare professionals face a myriad of challenges related to billing requirements and administrative tasks. And no matter how big your healthcare practice is — and regardless of how many locations, Pura Payments provides solutions to increase patient collection and reduce costs.

Patients are more likely to pay healthcare providers when they are provided convenient payment options. Pura Payment’s solutions make it easy for patients to pay large balances as well as ensure that they don’t leave the office without a form of payment on file. Our system delivers electronic signature capture to contract for outstanding balances.

Our integrated system makes the process efficient, providing patients payment options to pay via text, portal, kiosk, etc., with the ability to use credit cards and Apple, Android, or Samsung Pay at point of service.

Pura Payments helps streamline self-pay payment processing and reconciliation enabling practitioners to process payments at multiple points of entry funneled to a single system.

At Pura Payments, we help you store patient payment information for future visits and create automated payment plans on our secure servers, which utilize the most secure security methods to protect patient payment data.

Pura Payments enables physicians and dentists to accept all payment types, including credit, ACH, mobile, EMV, NFC and Apple Pay at the point of care, phone, mail, email or via your website.

Pura Payment’s integrated system creates the most efficient payment process and yields high patient collection percentages by reducing multiple patient statements and related costs with no implementation or integration fees.

Pura Payment’s automated process provides quick access to cash and reduced time spent in accounts receivable. Credit card transactions are cleared the next day; checks generally within three days or less. Patient payment information can also be captured and used for recurring payments.

Reduce your liability for lost or stolen patient payment information by eliminating those files from your system. Rectangle Health fully protects patient cardholder details within a data storage service which is entirely PCI-compliant.

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