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Day Care

Partnering with a payments processor for your daycare or preschool can help you greatly reduce your bad debt and collect payments from families more quickly than ever before. Expand the payment options you can accept, as well the locations from which you can take payments—including at your front desk, over the phone or online. Implementing credit card processing at your daycare operation shows families your business is customer oriented and technologically savvy.

Reducing the mental burden associated with remembering to pay will provide peace of mind as parents drop off their most important asset.

Accepting credit card payments provides additional value to businesses

Some of the benefits of implementing payments processing at your preschool or daycare include:

  • Speedy payment collection
  • Improved customer service
  • Enhanced cash flow
  • Efficient and accurate accounting

Expand your payment options for parents

In today’s competitive daycare landscape, making your facility as attractive as possible to parents is important to capturing their business. Part of what attracts parents to daycare providers is flexible payment options that allow them to pay how they want to pay and that fit within their budgeting. With daycare payments processing, here are some of the payments options you can offer:

  • One-time POS sales at your front desk – credit card, debit card, eCheck and mobile
  • Automatic charges for recurring payments – such as to cover weekly or monthly tuition charges
  • Online payments – via your personalized, secure web portal

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