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Our team at Pura has over 100 years of experience in the Bankcard Industry. We worked at or with some of the largest companies in the merchant services industry and have seen all the ways to process credit cards and all the additional merchant services available in the marketplace. We all started running businesses just like you and saw the poor service levels and lack of transparency given to most merchants and decided to create our own company focused around YOU the business owner and customer. Our backgrounds are in many industries like hotels, banking, restaurants, delivery services, retail, finance, accounting, auditing, specialty retail, service industry, doctor offices and other medical offices, computer programming, mobile phones and many more. We serviced many of these industries from the bottom up and that is what makes us special compared to everyone else. We KNOW how tough it is to run your business every day and are the merchant service company that is here to finally help YOU!

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Having the best payment processor for your business will help you stay competitive in the industry. Your customers will appreciate the fast and efficient check out process. According to reports, businesses are starting to leverage new technologies and turn to automation so they can become more customer focused. This is all a part of the growing importance of providing the best customer experience. If you can successfully provide a positive and memorable customer experience, you can be assured that your business will stay competitive. A great payment processor can also keep your cash flow more consistent and accessible. It can

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